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Rank Math SEO Pro WordPress Plugin v3.0.62 | 1 Year or Lifetime

Rank Math SEO Pro WordPress Plugin v3.0.62

Get More Traffic to Your Website

Are you struggling to get visitors to your website? With Rank Math SEO Pro, you can optimize your website to rank higher on search engines and attract more traffic. By targeting the right keywords and implementing best SEO practices, Rank Math SEO Pro can help you get more clicks, more leads, and ultimately more sales.

Advanced SEO Features at an Affordable Price

Are you tired of paying exorbitant prices for SEO tools that don’t deliver the results you need? Rank Math SEO Pro offers advanced SEO features at a fraction of the cost of other popular SEO tools. From keyword research to schema markup, Rank Math SEO Pro has everything you need to take your website to the next level.

Streamline Your SEO Workflow

Managing your website’s SEO can be a time-consuming process. With Rank Math SEO Pro, you can streamline your workflow and save time. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it easy to optimize your website for search engines without spending hours on tedious tasks.

Rank Math SEO Pro: Boost Your Website’s Traffic

Note: Unzip the download package and install the free version first. Do not auto-update. Update from our website only.

Rank Math SEO Free Version

This is a free Rank Math SEO plugin. Super-charge your website’s SEO with the Rank Math PRO options like Site Analytics, SEO Performance, Custom Schema Templates, News/Video Sitemaps, etc. If you want to buy the full version, CLICK HERE

Rank Math SEO Pro Features

Built-In Advanced SEO Analytics Module
Google Index Status
Automated Image SEO
Advanced Image SEO Module
Quick Edit SEO Details
Focus Keyword and Content Analysis
Keyword Comparison & Google Trends Tool
Rank Tracker
Local SEO Optimization
Keep an Eye on Position History
Ranking Keywords for Posts
The Most Advanced Schema Generator
Import Schema Markup from Other Websites
Schema Markup Validation
Custom Schema Builder
Schema Templates with Display Conditions
Article Schema
FAQ Schema Block
Video Schema
Local Business Schema
HowTo Schema Block
Add Knowledge Graph Meta Data
XML Sitemap
News Sitemap for Submitting Websites on Google News
Video Sitemap For Video Websites
WooCommerce SEO PRO

Rank Math Pro plugin Changelog

v3.0.61 May 2, 2024
Added: [NEW!] Tool to Generate Image Alt using Content AI
Improved: Variable Products from the ProductGroup Schema will now use the main product’s description if it is unavailable for the variant
Improved: New posts will now be included in the News Sitemap if they have multiple terms and one of them is not excluded from the Settings
Fixed: Invalid property error in the Schema validator due to the unsupported attributes added to the Variable Product Schema
Fixed: Post Analytics was not displaying the Google Search Console data if Google Analytics is not connected
Fixed: Broken search field styling on the Rank Tracker page in WordPress 6.5
v3.0.60 April 12, 2024
Added: New filter to modify the value of <news:language> in the News Sitemap
Improved: Auto-generated Video Schema will be removed when the associated video is deleted from the content during post updates
Fixed: Bulk Actions issue with custom post types
v3.0.59 April 3, 2024
Updated: Portuguese (Brazil) Translations
Improved: JobPosting location field label to prevent confusion regarding the optional fields
v3.0.58 March 20, 2024
Added: New properties to the Product Variant Schema that was recently introduced by Google
Fixed: Missing keywords property in Article Schema when multiple Schemas are added
Fixed: Order issue in the Keywords Position History graph
v3.0.57 March 7, 2024
Updated: Portuguese (Brazil) translations
Fixed: Timeout error on the News Sitemap settings page on sites with numerous taxonomy terms
Fixed: Database error on the Post Analytics page when the site is not connected to Google Analytics
v3.0.56 February 21, 2024
Updated: Portuguese (Brazil) Translations
Improved: Schema Template labels for clarity
Fixed: PHP error on Post Analytics page when the site is not connected to Google Analytics
Fixed: Incorrect URL used in the Schema Global Template’s edit button when Site URL and WordPress URL are different
v3.0.55 January 31, 2024
Fixed: News & Video Sitemap were showing a white page when their names were changed using the filter
Fixed: Issue with %customfield% variable in the KML Sitemap
Fixed: PHP error when an incorrect format is used in the sources during the import of Redirections from a CSV file
v3.0.50 November 30, 2023
Fixed: Adding empty lines in Pros & Cons fields created non-compliant Schema Markup
Fixed: Attribute to show price range show_priceRange in the Local Business shortcode was not functioning
Fixed: Open Graph image did not update after importing data using the CSV File
Fixed: Incorrect Schema displayed in the Code Validation on the Homepage
Fixed: Error after importing Redirections with encoded characters from a CSV file
v3.0.49 November 15, 2023
Improved: Generate Video Schema tool now updates the uploadDate value in existing Video Schemas in accordance with the new guidelines
Fixed: Broken image in the Schema shortcode when Podcast Image is not added in the Settings
Fixed: Range Error shown in browser’s console on some setups on the Analytics page
Fixed: Deprecated PHP warnings on Post Analytics page
v3.0.48 November 1, 2023
Fixed: %customfield% variable was not working in the Podcast RSS feed
Fixed: Competitor Analyzer tab was not appearing for the non-admin users
Fixed: XSL error in Video Sitemap on Turkish language sites
v3.0.47 October 18, 2023
Added: Turkish translations
Updated: German translations
Fixed: Importing data from CSV file was not working properly
Fixed: SQL error related to Analytics on MySQL version 5.7 and lower
v3.0.40 July 12, 2023
Updated: German translations
Fixed: Sorting data on the Rank Tracker page was not working with paginated pages
Fixed: Updating the Headline in Job Posting Schema was incorrectly updating the Schema title
Fixed: Post Analytics issue on Multisite sub-directory installation
Fixed: Filtering by Schema type now works correctly on sites that do not use the default table prefix wp_
v3.0.39 June 28, 2023
Updated: Portuguese (Brazil) translations
Fixed: Image Watermark feature compatibility issues with sites using the Imagick module
Fixed: Schema Templates Display Conditions with Archive was not working well on some setups
Fixed: Missing posts in the SEO Performance tab of Analytics
Fixed: Filtering by Hits in the 404 Monitor was not working well on paginated pages
Fixed: Error in PHP 7.3 related to the Quick Edit
v3.0.38 June 15, 2023
Added: New option to test Google Analytics connection status
Added: Portuguese (Brazil) translations
Improved: Noindex Hidden Products code so that it sets the category with only hidden products to noindex
Improved: Compatibility with PHP 8.2
Fixed: Local Sitemap was showing a Critical error when the WooCommerce module was enabled
Fixed: News Sitemap was displaying a white page
Fixed: Video Sitemap was rendering a white page
Fixed: Podcast feed was not showing all the Podcast episodes data. Users can now use this filter to change the number of episodes to include in the Podcast feed
Fixed: Fatal error in Quick Edit on custom Products post type when WooCommerce plugin is not active
Fixed: Default value for the Noindex Hidden Products option was not being stored during plugin installation
v3.0.37 May 31, 2023
Fixed: Hidden Products were incorrectly displayed as Indexed in the SEO Details section of Post Column when Noindex Hidden Products option was enabled
Fixed: Variables were not working in some fields of the KML File

PRO v3.0.25 November 30, 2022

Improved: Filename for the Image generated from the Autodetected Videos
Improved: Content AI help texts for Business & Agency license
Fixed: More keywords than the set limit could be added to Rank Tracker when Auto Add Focus keywords option is enabled
Fixed: Google Trends tool was not displaying the popup in the Elementor Editor after switching tabs
Fixed: Empty keywords were being added to the Rank Tracker when an extra comma was used while inserting the keywords

PRO v3.0.24 November 14, 2022

Improved: Highlight required Image SEO Replacement fields in red when left empty
Fixed: Quick Edit was showing robots meta value from Global settings instead of settings configured in the Titles & Meta Settings, this was not affecting the frontend
Fixed: Both index & noindex options could be selected at the same time from Quick Edit on taxonomy pages
Fixed: Schema Code validation was not working in Classic Editor
Fixed: Responsiveness issue in Link Controls
Fixed: Dropdown menus on Rank Math Analytics tables were not accessible

v1.0.101 November 2, 2022

Added: [NEW!] New fields in the Local SEO Tab for the Website Name and Alternative Name to support Google’s newly introduced Site Name feature
Added: New filter to allow CDN path in the Social Overlay Image
Added: Notification alert when the “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” option is enabled
Added: Property/View ID in the Analytics Module’s Properties setting to easily identify the Properties with the same name
Fixed: Self-linking in post content was counted as an incoming link
Fixed: Overall Content length test was not working well when encoded space &nbsp; was used in the content
Fixed: PHP warning on some setups when primary taxonomy is deleted
Fixed: PHP Undefined function error on sites that were overwriting the WooCommerce functions
Fixed: PHP warning on some setups when Backup data is not available
Fixed: PHP error on some setups when filter was used to change the Opengraph image

v1.0.99 October 6, 2022

Improved: Remove all Action Scheduler tasks related to Rank Math after uninstalling the plugin
Updated: Description links in the Webmaster Tools tab of the General Settings
Fixed: Converting Yoast’s HowTo & FAQ block was working only on the ‘Posts’, not on other post types
Fixed: PHP warning on some setups after importing the data from SEOPress
Fixed: PHP error after deleting the post when Link Counter module was enabled
Fixed: PHP error when invalid schema data is saved in the Database
Fixed: Copying Schema shortcode using the Keyboard was not working in the Elementor editor
Fixed: Index Now API key was changed every time the Settings are updated
Fixed: Missing Analytics table error on some setups

v3.0.21 September 22, 2022

Fixed: Export Redirections to CSV file was not working well when the Redirection rule had multiple sources
Fixed: Winning/Losing keywords table was disappearing on some setups in the Keywords tab
Fixed: Pros & Cons data added in Schema Template was not getting imported at the time of using that template again
Fixed: Auto-generated Video Schema was wrongly set as the primary Schema when other Schema types were used on the page

3.0.20 September 14, 2022

Improved: Plugin’s update checking functionality
Improved: Removed inStock information from the Review Schema shortcode when Offers and Pros & Cons added to the Product Schema are empty for Editorial Reviews
Improved: Query performance to get the Schema templates data based on the Display conditions
Improved: Query performance to get the Analytics data
Fixed: Missing GTIN in Variable Product Schema even when the value was added in the backend
Fixed: Secondary keywords were removed at the time of updating SEO details using the Quick Edit option
Fixed: Data sorting option was not working in the Analytics reports
Fixed: Editor was crashing at the time of searching for a Singular post in the Schema Template Display Condition option
Fixed: The term selection option was not working in the Schema Template Display condition option
Fixed: Missing Analytics header options after selecting the Post type

v3.0.19 August 24, 2022

Added: More Countries in the Google Search Console settings
Improved: Add multiple Pros & Cons in the Advanced Schema editor
Improved: Removed offers property completely when values are empty and Pros & Cons are added in the Product Schema for Editorial Reviews
Fixed: Wrong positioning of the Pros & Cons properties in the Review Schema
Fixed: Wrapped Pros & Cons list in the ul tag when shortcode or Schema block is used in the content area
Fixed: Images added in the Tab field of the ACF plugin were not included in the Sitemap
Fixed: Missing author URL property warning when Article schema is added to a post after the FAQPage schema
Fixed: Rank Tracker was not showing the option to add & delete the keyword

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