Newspaper 12.6.5 – News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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  • 1 Year Of Free Updates
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  • You Always Have To Update Plugin or Theme From wpGPLTop Website Itself.
  • 100% Clean Files & Free From Virus
  • Product Version: 12.6.5
  • Product Last Updated : August 10th, 2023
  • License : GPL
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Newspaper 12.6.5 – News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Newspaper 12.6.5 WordPress Theme is Best selling for Blog, News, and Magazine theme.


  • Unlimited shop layouts
  • SEO Ready
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Core Web Vitals Ready
  • Light, Fast Preformant
  • Performance Optimized
  • No Coding Skills, Just Click and Create
  • Pre-Built Ewbsite
  • Optimized for Mobile Theme
  • Lazy Load Effect
  • Drag & Drop
  • No coding skills required
  • SEO: Schema
  • Built-in translation support
  • 120+ One-Click Pre-Built Websites

How to Install & Activate Newspaper Theme

First Unzipe > Then find file and Upload only > Then Install Now

Newspaper is a WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. Create a great news website with our newspaper template. This bestseller theme is perfect for blogging and excellent for news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, or review site.


new: Forest Beat – View Demo
new: Featured audio – added support for Spotify;
new:  Module templates – New reading time shortcode;
improvement: Woo Product description – added the possibility to set an initial height for the content, with the user being able to expand it;
improvement: Modal popup – Added the option to remove the opening/closing transition effect;
improvement: Eliminated attachment_url_to_post() function used on Theme Panel header/footer logos;
improvement: Column title – Added the option to change the default margins of the H1-H6 tags;
improvement: Added the option to change the background color for the content of a mega menu;
improvement: Added option to use Woo classic pagination on Woo Loop;
improvement: Single Post Date – added the option to custom format the date;
improvement: Custom Field – Added support for the ‘user’ type field;
improvement: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
improvement: Added Alt on author image;
improvement: Option in theme panel to deactivate Product schema from posts when reviews active;
fix: Colorpicker – Fixed a UI issue with selected global colors;
fix: CSS Analyze tool deprecated – removed;
fix: Issue while saving textareas for a user;
fix: User description field is now displayed as a textarea;
fix: Popular(all time) sorting option doesn’t appear;
fix: Inline Image html width and height;
fix: Menu Cart – Fixed an issue where the menu cart was not being dynamically updated when changing products quantity or removing them from the cart page;
fix: Single Post User Reviews List – Fixed an issue where only a maximum of 5 reviews were displayed. Changed that to unlimited.
fix: Yoast analyzer;
fix: Product structured data;
fix: Removed instagram ID & personal accounts sources (discontinued);
fix: Row – Fixed hide on pagination option when using Flex Loop Builder;
fix: Tag Description – Fixed some style issues;
new: Interior Designer- View Demo
new: Added a new shortcode – Module Automatic Numbering;
new: Footer delayed load option in Theme Panel;
new: Option to stop zones render on mobiles for Header Menu and Header Menu Sticky;
new: Option to stop zones render on desktop for Mobile Menu and Mobile Menu Sticky;
improvement: Moved the posts autoload options in the website manager;
improvement: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
improvement: Header main menu – option to not load desktop menu on mobile devices;
improvement: Delay option works also for category Mega Menu;
improvement: Update translations po_mo files;
improvement: Option to show/hide links in Excerpts;
improvement: Option to replace self hosted video row background with an image or video on mobile;
fix: Title name for author social icons;
fix:  Issue on List Menu;
fix: Slider width orientation change;
fix: Scroll on mobile search;
fix: Urban Observer demo without content;
fix: Scroll on iOS when popup modal is used;
new: One-click installable demo – Korean News Insight


new: 5 New one-click installable Pre-Build Websites (demos):
new: World Matters – View Demo;
new: InsightAI – View Demo;
new: App Find – View Demo;
new: UrbanEdge – View Demo;
new: Coaching Pro – View Demo;
new: Form Gallery shortcode;
new: Option to use global domain on Google recaptcha;
new: Filter posts using “current” in Multiple terms input;
new: Filter posts by custom field (include/exclude input);
new: Search cloud template CPT support;
new: Archive cloud template CPT support;
new: Single User Reviews Form – custom login url option;
new: Google recaptcha will apply also on WP Register page;
new: Form Location Finder & Single Post Location Display – Implemented Bing Maps as an alternative API service provider;
new: Single Post Location Display – Added option to fill in the complete location meta from which to pull the address from;
new: Added support for acf date picker, date time picker and time picker;
improvement: Improved the way posts are linked together;
improvement: Added Highest and Lowest rated (user reviews) sorting options on blocks;
improvement: Posts Form Submit – added the option to assign a cloud template to the newly created post;
improvement: Posts list – new form fields (childs);
improvement: Posts list – hierarchically sort posts;
improvement: Update google fonts;
improvement: Display CPT templates settings on post edit;
improvement: Posts Form Link To Post – added the options to specify the max depth or to select the depth from which to display posts;
improvement: Optimize fonts css;
improvement: Form FIle Upload – Added new options to adjust the height of the input and the image preview;
improvement: Custom Field – text cut option;
improvement: Custom Field – set html image width and height automatically;
improvement: Module Template Image -added border options;
improvement: Header Main Menu – added an option to set the border radius for sub-menus;
improvement: Single User Reviews Overall – Added the possibility to display a full breakdown of the rating (meaning all criterias and their scores)
improvement: Module Date – options to display ‘ago’ text before and after the date;
improvement: Custom Field – Enabled on woo products, categories and tags;
improvement: Added term ID as class for each checkbox/radio term;
improvement: Form Taxonomies – Added options to display the term’s custom fields, on each level independently;
improvement: Hide button if no URL option (on all the shortcodes with button);
improvement: Url option for Modal Popup title;
improvement: Added the possibility to sort by user reviews rating (high/low);
fix: XSS vulnerability – courtesy to Automattic team;
fix: Stop views count for standard and cloud templates if Theme Panel option is disabled;
fix: Demo import php warning;
fix: Lazy load on Module Image;
fix: Error custom field on Woo Shop page;
fix: Smartlist template if is set globally;
fix: Cloud templates import not importing template options(global colors/fonts & custom svg icons);
fix: Show Manager settings only for admin;
fix: Retina image on block pagination;
fix: Linked posts option on flex blocks filter updated to show only parent;
fix: Modules cloud tpl icons/google fonts;
fix: Flex loop builder cpt tax;
fix: Prevent panel settings update(save) for editor user role;
fix: Php 8.1 warnings;
fix: Single Background Image – replaced ‘a’ tag with ‘span’ when url is not set;
fix: Extra class on video embed shortcode;
fix: Restrict subscribers to view only media library items they uploaded;
fix: Border size multiple values Flex Block/Loop Builder;
fix: Single Post Table of Contents – fixed an issue with smooth scroll;
fix: Flex Block/Loop Builder – fixed an issue with the modules bottom space option;
fix: Download the size of the avatar according to the… … set width (Single Post Author Box, Author box and Author Image);
fix: Scroll issue on Mobile Search;
fix: Search in taxonomies terms;
fix: Reviews system custom post types updates;
fix: Display hidden on desktop hides the element on the other viewports;
fix: Post reading time – strip all tags from post content;
fix: Image border radius when TP placeholder is set;
fix: Megamenu border radius.


new: 4 New one-click installable Pre-Build Websites (demos):
new: Job Hunt – View Demo ;
new: Momentum – View Demo ;
new: Liberty Case – View Demo ;
new: Cali Sight – View Demo ;
new: Modules builder;
new: 12 new shortcodes to build modules;
new: 2 new block shortcodes that use the custom modules (Flex block builder and Flex loop builder);
new: Modules templates in our cloud library;
new: Delay option for Pages in Mega Menu and popup content (this will help you to achieve better performance score by decreasing the DOM size elements);
new: New gallery shortcode, capable of displaying images both from our custom posts gallery setting, or from the gallery ACF field;
new: Customize your block loaders – upload your logo to brand more your website;
new: Bookmark posts;
new: Backup settings limit option in Theme Panel;
new: Categories/tags list: added the option to display terms from a custom taxonomy;
improvement: Single Inline Image – Added border radius option;
improvement: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
improvement: Images shortcodes – display default image when external image doesn’t exist;
improvement: Categories/tags list added the option to display terms from a custom taxonomy;
improvement: Single Post Taxonomies – display terms from multiple taxonomies;
improvement: Add upload_files capability for all logged-in users on pages with tdb form content shortcode;
fix: Security issue;
fix: Edit page capabilities for all logged-in users on pages with tdb form content shortcode;
fix: Yoast content anaylizer;
fix: Posts List: don’t display field name if it is empty;
fix: Self hosted video;
fix: Social share on CPT;
fix: Social Icons: remove social name html if option is off;
fix: Flex Loop Builder filters;
fix: Popup modal id on Firefox;
fix: Better Gutenberg support – css image width removed;
fix: Image ACF in array format;
fix: Open post content images without media link in lightbox, when general modal in enabled;


fix: Added an extra security check to avoid potential vulnerability in Theme Options.


fix: Security Update – Removed the Facebook login for security concerns (until we fix it).

new: Directory and Listings system: includes Forms Builder for Unlimited Listing Types, ACF Custom Fields Support, Listings Submission Limit, Manage Listings Approval, Unlimited Single Listing Templates, Monetize your directory website, Integrated with Google Maps, User Reviews support, and much more → view What’s New page
new: Frontend Post Submission: includes Post Submission Limit, Form Builder, Guest Post Support, Custom Taxonomy Support, Unlimited Custom Fields Support, and much more → view What’s New page
new: Contact Form Builder (leads and emails): includes Manage Leads, Forms Builder, Compatible with tagDiv Opt-in builder, and much more → view What’s New page
new: User Review system: includes Multiple and Unlimited Criteria Reviews, Admin Reply, Manage Review Approval, Works with any Custom Post Type, and much more → view What’s New page
new: 6 New one-click installable Pre-Build Listing Websites (demos) created with the tagDiv Cloud Library, tagDiv Composer page builder, and tagDiv Opt-in Builder membership plugin:
new: Real Estate (Listings demo) – View Demo;
new: Doctors (Listings demo) – View Demo ;
new: East Coast Check (Listings demo) – View Demo;
new: Compass (Listings demo) – View Demo ;
new: RTL Default PRO – View Demo ;
new: RTL River News PRO – View Demo ;
new: Posts List shortcode – useful for your Account section. The shortcode displays a list of custom post types and can create/edit custom post types via a defined custom page form. You can also restrict options via a subscription plan to give you even more flexibility. It’s easy to design custom columns to get the information you want about your custom post type, like featured image, post title, date, and even custom fields;
new: Added tabbed content shortcode (tab shortcode)
new: 7 Form shortcodes – useful to build forms, create Custom Post Types, Guest Posts, Contact forms, Edit user’s profile details, and much more.
new: Flex Block X shortcode – Use custom modules created from a child theme or a plugin;
new: Google Maps integration, useful for directory listings;
new: Swipe option for blocks that have pagination;
new: All terms from custom taxonomies can have an image and a color assigned;
new: Flex Loop – comes with the same functionality as Flex Block X, and it also has pagination support, which is useful on taxonomies;
new: Filter system to create frontend filters and sortings for Custom Post Types (3 new shortcodes – Flex Loop Filters, Flex Loop Sorting Options, and Flex Loop Active Filters List)
new: 6 Reviews shortcodes
new: Dynamic custom field support eg {cf_meta-key} – to read value from a custom field
new: Custom SVG Icons Library – Use the Website Manager to define custom SVG icons on all elements;
new: Mega Menu – Support for the Taxonomy term;
new: Post type option on the Search Form shortcode;
new: Option to hide Rows, Inner Rows, Columns, and Inner Columns for the logged-in users or visitors;
new: Assign an individual Cloud Template on a CPT/taxonomy;
new: Live search – 3 new sections of results to display terms from multiple taxonomies;
new: Option to search in taxonomy terms on the search page. To enable this go to Theme Panel → Template Settings → Search Template;
improvement: Taxonomy term support on Breadcrumbs shortcode;
improvement: Added custom field support on Social Icons shortcode;
improvement: Added dynamic cpt class on modules;
improvement: CPT/Taxonomy – live edit with the tagDiv Composer page builder;
improvement: Improvements added to the Custom Field shortcode;
improvement: Google Recaptcha will also apply to Comments;
improvement: Multiple string texts added to translations;
improvement: Added the ability to insert custom fields into various multipurpose shortcodes;
improvement: Flex Blocks & Flex Big Grids: Option to display posts only from the taxonomies specified in the “Multiple taxonomies filter”;
improvement: Set video thumbnail as Featured Image on CPT;
improvement: Option in Theme Panel to enable/disable for AggregateRating Schema;
improvement: Assign and synchronize Cloud Library Templates from the admin bar on WPML languages;
improvement: Option to hide a button for logged-in users;
improvement: Added Height option on the Single Image shortcode;
improvement: Specific header/footer can be set on the CPT/Tax templates;
improvement: Added the ability to hide the Filters’ Headers on the Woo Attribute Filters;
improvement: Get image from external URL or custom fields on Single Background Image shortcode;
improvement: Excerpt length option on the tagDiv Woo shortcodes;
improvement: Alt and Title attribute on the image from the “Text with image” element;
improvement: Single image with attachment ID;
improvement: Support for Vimeo unlisted videos;
improvement: Added KakaoStory, Koo & GETTR share/icon and Strava social icon;
improvement: Added option to display thumbnail on the Next/Prev Post shortcode;
improvement: Option to set a default image on the Taxonomy Background Image/Category Background Image shortcodes;
improvement: Subtaxonomy image on the Subtaxonomies shortcode;
improvement: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
fix: Added option in Theme Panel for link on module thumbnail;
fix: Reset for theme’s Gutenberg settings;
fix: Theme accent and the individual color apply properly on the Pull Quotes;
fix: Woo Attributes Filters fixes;
fix: Subcategories appear now on widgets filter;
fix: Blocks AJAX categories dropdown fix;
fix: Issue with the modal popup when a button is present inside;
fix: Mobile template on the Category page;
fix: Additional button on checkout when Stripe payment is used;
fix: CSS fixes for RTL version;
fix: Caption aligns when the modal is off;
fix: AJAX Search image_size attribute;
fix: Footer template on AJAX autoload;
fix: Tiktok on the Social Counter;
fix: WOO pa_ attribute cards issue with WPML;
fix: Hide duplicate Google Recaptcha on the Infinite Load iframes;
fix: 218×150 thumb size issue on Flex Block 2;
fix: Double separator border;
fix: MailerLite issue on tagDiv Newsletter plugin;
fix: Search placeholder css issue.

Version 11.5.1 – May 27th, 2022

new: WordPress 6.0 compatibility;
misc: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
fix: Fatal error on old php versions for tagDiv Shop;
fix: Prevent sending XSS injection in block attribute and ajax search – courtesy to Erwan Le Rousseau (Automattic) and Ramon Dunker;
fix: Column Text and Text with Title issue on WordPress 6.0;
fix: MegaMenu with subcategories issue on WordPress 6.0.

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Newspaper 12.6.5 – News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme
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